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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  April 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we're following breaking news this morning, a shooting at an auto body shop in camden the basketball coach who opened fire inside a rec center, the latest on the investigation. >> and baseball season is here. opening day for the phillies, right here at home this afternoon. this is live look at citizens bank park, as everyone gears up for opening day in the majors. good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. it will be a beautiful day for this first baseball game. little warmer than we've been experiencing, let's get the latest from carol erickson. >> absolutely perfect baseball weather. we slutly a door what we are finding out there. look at this, it is quiet out here now in the stadium area it won't be for long. because katie fehlinger will soon be out here.
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phillies temperatures, 07 degrees at 3:00. 5:00 p.m., 69 degrees, 7:00 p.m., 67 degrees. you get the idea. these temperatures are mild, they'll stay mild. nothing going on on storm scan3 at all. we love that look. we will be keep it today. can't same the same for the rest of the week, looks like we have showers moving n right now it is until the 40's, 43 degrees, little cool this morning, 40 in trenton, 44 wilmington, 36 up in allentown, but boy the warm up is going to be on the way today. by the time we hit noon, 65 degrees and might be finding these temperatures as 72 degrees this afternoon. weather, easy one computer models say not not much, not much going on. winds that plagued us all weekends, they are also going
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to be down by 7:00 p.m. people with a victory celebrating in the parking lot, in fine shape. going through tonight 10:00 p.m. tonight maybe something north of the poconos, perhaps. otherwise, just enjoy these temperatures today. seventy-two in philadelphia. sixty-two at the shore poconos, 65 degrees. we've got nice conditions in every single location, it could be little breezy at the shore, but otherwise things are great. ukee erika? >> carol, thank you. we'll get back to you and kate any just a little bit. right now at least one person has been shot at a business in camden. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the scene to tell us bore this jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, crime scene investigators just wrapped up their work on scene here in camden, but they had a very large scene to go through to investigate this overnight shooting. if you take a look at the video, you can see what they were up against just a short time agoment you can see dozens of the yellow evidence markers.
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this was the scene along route 130 near grant avenue in camden for hours overnight. now, sources tell "eyewitness news", that calls for shots fired miami in around 11:30 last night. when police arrived they found out a big party had been going on at pits automotive. at least one person was shot and taken to the hospital for treatment. now police are still investigating. they wrapped up their work here on scene just before 4:30 this morning again not a lot of information is known about this overnight shooting at this point. right now sources tell us, at least one person was taken to the hospital. but no indication yet just how many people were taken to the hospital. how many people were injured in this overnight shooting, and no word yet this morning on the severity of the injuries. this is still a developing story, just as soon as we get more information, we will bring it straight to you. for now reporting live in camden, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right jan we'll get back to you thank you. philadelphia police searching for basketball coach who allegedly opened fire during a game inside a recreation center. officers say 26 year old
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maurice got into an argument with someone in the stands at the christie rec center in west philly. when the other coach inched screen the one coach pulled a gun, took off. >> closing arguments today in the boston marathon bombing trial. lawyers for tsarnaev dzhokhar admit he did take part in the bolt action, but his older brother was the masterminds behind the 2013 attack. prosecutors today will likely remind the injury bye the brutality of the attack. if tsarnaev is convicted same jury had later decide whether he receives the death penalty. >> also, today the defense will present its case in the murder trial of aaron hernandez, the former new england patriots tightened accused of killing owed end lloyd, found shot to death in june 2013 in a industrial park near hernandez's home. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. the jury is expected to get this case this week. >> police charge an armed teenager after he barricades
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himself inside a north philadelphia home. police say it all started when the teenager fired his gun outside in the 900 block of north 11 street in the popular neighborhood. the intense scene unfolded around 8:30 last night within an hour the barricade was lifted after the swat team arrived and everyone inside was brought out of the house one by one. >> firing five, six shots someone could have been killed. this is a residential neighborhood. fortunately, there were no shooting victims. there were no injuries to police there. were no injuries to any civilians. no one was injuredment. >> a 16 year old male was identified as the shooter and taken into police custody along with eight other people. police say the other were taken in just for the investigation. >> we're learning more this morning about the kidnapping of a center city jewelry store employee. the woman had left work on jewelers row saturday afternoon when police say three men grabbed her from parking garage on chestnut street and forced her into a van. someone found her in a cemetery in barbie borough.
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inbetween the kidnappers were told demanded the woman give them the keys to the store and the code to the safe which she didn't know. then, they demanded her atm card pin number. they withdrew money and we're told they beat, kicked, choked, and tasered that woman. she is now in stable condition. police say the three men were in a older burgundy ford econo line vein with white graffiti on the side. fourteen people are recovering from injuries this morning after the ceiling after church caved in during easter service, between 75 and 100 worshippers were inside when the roof began to crumble. witnesses say the ceiling buckled, and then came crashing down. everyone was able to get out of the church. we're toll one person was injured, and the injuries are considered serious but not life threatening. happening today the city of philadelphia honors fallen here over of owe. city officials including mayor nutter will attend a memorial marking 30 days since police sergeant robert wilson was
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killed. the 30 year old gunned down last month while trying to stop a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop video storm, he was in the store buying a gift for his son. and still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" a big apology from the author after controversial article. >> also, president obama has a long way to go to sell the iran nuclear deal to the world. but, he made his position very clear on the issue this weekend. >> and here we go. we can't forget today is opening day for the fighting phillies. and it couldn't and better day outside. we are looking at some showers later this week, carol has your forecast, on the other side. be r
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the author after discredited rolling stone magazine article about an alleged gang rape on the university of virginia campus is apologizing this morning. in a statement to the associated press the sabrina said she did not go far enough to verify the story of the victim. this apology comes after a report that called the article a quote story of journalistic
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failure that was avoidable. the magazine posted an apology on the publication's website and says the magazine is officially retract that story. >> a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. that's what president obama is saying about the nuclear proliferation deal with iran. >> the president is defending the framework saying it is an opportunity to bring security to the middle east and insists the us will still stands in the defense of israel. however, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been urging world powers to change this deal. he says it is flawed and a threat to israel. meanwhile, president obama is facing a battle at home, too. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says congress needs to scour this deal to ensure it is not a bad one. the pope has weighed in on the nuclear deal. pope francis is denouncing the vast amount of weapons in the world. the pontiff says the plan set being subjected to arms dealers earn their living with the blood of men and women. he made the comments during yesterday's easter peace
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message, he also said nuclear accord with iran may be a definitive step toward more secure and fraternal worlds. >> and california governor jerry brown is defending his order of mandatory water cut back state-wide that does not affect farmers the state is in its fourth year of drought conditions. brown says the drought has forced farm tears leave hundreds of thousands of acres un planted costing many farm workers their jobs. >> hear, we're happy to have the dry day for the phillies, very different situation. >> yes, too bad we can't do too much about the weather. i know weekend probably way to windy for everybody easter action were flying like drones over us. even so we will be finding so much better weather today. we've got sunshine coming, let's take a look outside. it is dark. what's this? 4:36, 4:41 actually. looking at dark condition out there this morning. but, it is quiet. we will take it. so expect to find our weather
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looking really good as we go through the rest of the day today. storm scan3 showing no problems whatsoever. so enjoy this look. because it is not a look that's going to be staying here much past today t so today is a great day. the phillies timed it upper expectly getting their game in today. temperatures in the 70s today by the time we get to tomorrow we're still around 70 degrees. but then we get this stalled out front. this stalled out front is really stalled. because it is still hanging around here. as long as it is around here, the weather is unsettled. it is cooling down. temperatures on wednesday only at 50, maybe 56 degrees, that's it, after being 72 and 70 we start this drop into the 50's. and then by the time we get to thursday, lower end of the 50's, so it gets even worse around here, temperature wise, in that it is cooling down some 20 degrees from where we find it today and those shower chances may continue, even on thursday. our future weather as we put this into motion, notice that
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we've got clear skies over us, we will be keeping this sunday shine, we move through the afternoon, as we hit 11:00 tonight, though, we start to see things change up just little bit. few clouds start to come in here. this is a look at tuesday. you can see even in the morning, we could be dealing with some of these showers. some of them getting stronger along the shore areas. by the time we get to tuesday evening, we get some maybe even some pockets of heavy rain moving through here. and the same deal about 9:00 on tuesday night. then on wednesday, there are other chances of some showers coming in. but it is just a couple of days after today that not an as stellar as this, be hard to beat this. 07 degrees, beautiful looking weather, 52 for the temperatures tonight mostly cloudy skies through the next couple every days, we have temperatures that will be in the 50's after that, and shower chances, 66 by friday, and 68 degrees on saturday. this is a familiar look for you, though, justin, having a five day around. >> oh, ya, but you know, you're a pro. so i lever the weather to you this morning i'll take over
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traffic here, just like the weather being quiet roads are quiet at this hour. coming off that pretty busy travel weekend. hopefully things stay quiet for a monday. we start you off at the skewing, westbound, only few cars out here this morning so headed out to that area, early, no problems on most area roadways, in and out of the city on the ben franklin, looking pretty good. moving at good speeds, dry conditions though, no problems there on the roads. we do have an accident up in new hanover township, in montgomery county, snyder road at swamp picnic road. be aware that far, if you are traveling in that region. also out in west conshohocken, do have construction, balligomingo road between portland road and front street. all lanes blocked. detour will be sweet land road. and we do have some problems on the mass transit new bus schedules for the routes 201 204, 206. check for the details there. that's a look at your ride, we send it back to you. >> all right jd, thank you so many. talking sports, and you are
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looking live at citizens bank park where the fighting phils open their regular season this afternoon. the red sox are in town for opening day game time, 3:05, let's go phils. to the hard wood now, march madness comes to its thrilling ends tonight right here on cbs-3. the wisconsin badgers take on the duke blue devils for the men's college basketball national championship. they beat the tournament axe overall number one seed previously unbeaten wildcats saturday. wisconsin coached by chester's bo ryan. duke reached the finals by beating michigan steak. duke has won four championships, the only thing i dislike about march madness personally it is a 9:18 start. oh i'm going to miss it, got to tape t game time tonight should be great one. >> women's basketball final is set. uconn beat maryland in one every yesterday's games. huskies have won nine titles foreigners town's gino. he signed notre dame in rematch of last year's final tomorrow night. now, notre dame head coach is
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phillies own mcgraw. the fighting irish beat south carolina, covered by phillies own dawn staley. got all that? a quiz may be tomorrow. phillie flavor for sure. no doubt about it. >> well the flyers continue their master i over the pittsburgh penguin goalie steve mason made 46 shots and the flyers, jakub voracek, had goal on the power play, mason was standing on his head. couldn't get it past that man flyers win four-one, sweep the season series from the pens. flyers and island nerves south philly tomorrow night. sixers visiting the nicks in a battle of the two teams record wise in the association noel back last night after missing some of saturday night's game with a cut under his eye. sixers lose this 1101 to 91. will play the wizards at the well in south philly on wednesday night. erika, back to you. >> ukee, thank you. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" some of philadelphia's favorite foods are going global. and the support comes from philadelphia born transplant. we'll tell you the restaurant going international.
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first though here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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gunfire in camden sends at least one person to the hospital. gunfire started around 11:30 near route 130 and grant avenue. police have arranged dozens of evidence markers at the scene. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. meanwhile, chester's bo ryan leaves his wisconsin badgers against the duke blue devils in tonight's march madness final. wisconsin hasn't won since 1941. duke has won four titles under long time coach k. the game is on cbs tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> a live picture from citizens bank park, where the phillies host the boston red sox. it is opening day. game time 3:05, we'll have a live report from the ballpark with katie fehlinger coming up in our 5:00 hour.
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meanwhile, philadelphia's culinary staples are going global. city-born, water ice pretzel chains, pushing into new markets. philly pretzel factory plans to open 350 more stores, and go global, by 2020. rita's italian ice expanding into middle east and canada, cheese steak maker tony luke's has 22 stores including one in bahrain, and they want to keep ongoing, and open more stores. a lot of the support for the expansion comes with help from philly born transplants, looking for a taste of home. great to see that. >> no place like home, even when you're not home. i love it, love it. our time now 4:50. indianna is in damage control mode following the approval of its religious freedom law. >> money watch's wendy gillette joins us from the new york stock exchange. what's the latest thon situation? good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ukee, erika the state's tourism agencies are now rolling out campaigns that will emphasize that everyone is welcome in indianna.
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there were concerns that indianna's law would allow discrimination against gays. a few convention organizers and performers have canceled events, and some state and local government have banned travel to indianna. the state has revised some of the language in the law calming the uproar but the vice president of the group visit indy says he has been in full crisis mode, since the controversy started last month. arizona faced a similar backlash in 1987, when martin luther king, jr. day was re send dollars as a paid holiday. ukee, err display. >> big winner at the box office this weekend. tell us about it. >> yes furious seven raised to the top of the box office this weekend the seventh installment of the fast and furious movies earned more than $143 million, in second place, the animated home with $27 million and the comedy get hard was third. ukee erika you visit the movies this weekend? >> did not make t i mean, the lines for that fast and furious i imagine were so
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long. >> crazy long, i'm sure, i know it, i'm going to wait a little while. thanks wendy. talk to you a little later. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together works dough it on the 3's we
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good monday morning, hope you had a great holiday weekend, starting off with no problems, just like the weather nice and dry great conditions for driving around this morning. vine street expressway, both directions looking good, running smooth there is hour. and 95, this will obviously change in a few hours but both north and southbound right around cottman, smooth sailing this hour. do have an accident up in new hanover township montgomery county, rice snyder road at swamp picnic road. caution there. also construction, out in west conshohocken, balming owe road between portland road and front street. all lanes are blocked detour, swedeland road, and new bus schedules for routes 201 204 206. check. septa point org for the details there. no reported delays for the
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skies at the airport so far. and travel times looking good on 202 southbound, from 76 to 30 that will take stu minutes, looking clear on 422 from 202 to oaks, that's eight minute ride with the clear conditions. that's checking your ride. now for a check on the forecast we send it over to the great carol erickson, good morning. >> oh, justin, what? i didn't hear that. >> that's right, the great can't compete with that. >> you know, justin, good job keeping these roads clear. i'm doing my part trying to keep the sky clear also turn down some of the wind machine we had to experience this weekend. looks beautiful out there this morning. looks terrific taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, all lit up, ready to take your $5. and, also looks nice at the sharp, ready to take more than your $5. we've got temperature of 43 degrees, that's out at the airport in philadelphia. forty trenton, 43 degrees in wilmington what a nice day we've got shaping up. storm scan3 no problems whatsoever on this. and we're going to be finding our temperatures this
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afternoon, 72 in philadelphia, 62 breeze at this sharp, poconos, 56 degrees. it is a winner in every single location. seven day forecast, not so much though. while it is mild here tomorrow, we start to pick up shower chances and we don't just confine them to tuesday. they're on wednesday and thursday, when we really cool down with these temperatures into the 50's that's for a high friday 66 degrees, hoping to clear things out by saturday. might see early shower. at this point sunday, doesn't look bad. at 65 degrees. erika? >> pretty terrific, 65 degrees. >> we'll take it yes. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we are following breaking news right now. shooting after late night party. katie? >> and erika we are live at citizens bank park. it is opening day for the phillies. what says spring, anything other than that, i mean, we have great day coming up. some great weather. some great guests, and i'll have all of your forecast details for you coming up.
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crime scene tape surrounds a car dealership after overnight shooting. we're there live with new information as detectives search for clues. also this: >> all i saw was people scattering all over from the rec center. >> chaos at a youth basketball game when a coach opens fire in that gym. the search is on right now for that shooter. >> it is monday, april 6, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning hey, a sure sign spring really truly is here finally. new philly season starts this afternoon, we'll have a live look right now at the ballpark. we not ask for better weather this day. >> katie over at the ball yard with opening day festivities. good morning. >> you drew the long straw on this one for sure. what a great day.
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you said it. weather looks great. we're out here live at the ballpark. all is calm, quiet barely soul here. but only going to get better if here, a lot more crowded with time. i want to walk you through the weather very quickly so we go ahead, take a look, storm scan3, first and for most, remains very, very quiet at this hour. we're going to continue to see that throughout the course of the day here. but with that said, as the sun comes up, those temperatures will have a chance to climb very, very easily. so, even though we are starting off on little cool note, i can report pretty light wind. that will start to change with time here. that will wind begins to pick up at least little bit. then eventually we end up with some nice mild air. normal temperature this time of the year is about 60 degrees. but we are shooting for some nice mild conditions, later on today. the expected high in fact expected to get all the way up to the low 70s for us here, in south philly, and in philly just? general. so bright, mild, we take a look at the eyewitness weather


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